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  Welcome to Kusch in Dortmund, 
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All our products are RoHS compliant

RoHS = Restriction of certain hazardous substances
Restriction of following substances:
Lead, Mercury, cadmium, sechswertiges chromium, polybrominated  Biphenyl (PBB) bzw. PBDE
specified limit value: 0,1%, cadmium 0,01%

RoHS compliant  
All suppliers assured us, that the products do not contain any of the substances prohibited by the RoHS Directive in concentrations above the limit values.



Welcome to Kusch in Dortmund


   Friedrich Kusch - since 1961 ....  
   Kusch- a name for customer service,
   Kusch - Your specialist for wireless transmission cables up to 12 Ghz

   Kusch - we assemble coaxial cables for you

The company Friedrich Kusch in Dortmund presents its customers an extensive portfolio of 50 ohm coaxial cables from well known manufacturers. All coaxial cables are EU products from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy.

Looking for RG-Kabel with MIL-standard?

You need low attenuation coax cable?

Your coax cable need to be flexible?

The shielding has to be high and reliable?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any of your inquiries. We are happy to assist!

Für unsere Koaxialkabel führen wir lagermäßig ein umfangreiches Programm hochwertiger Steckverbinder mit PTFE-Dielektrikum der Normen BNC, TNC, N, SMA, FME, UHF,  7/16 und …

Based on our many years of experience, we offer you pragmatic solutions for your problems, be it for the ambitious radio amateur, be it for professional radio services or for mobile radio operations.

For more than 30 years, we have been competent partners for radio amateurs, authorities, universities, security companies, amateur radio club stations, engineering offices, intelligence units of the Bundeswehr, maritime purposes, event technicians and more.



In case of illness or supply bottlenecks due to COVID-19, we ask for your understanding if originally mentioned delivery dates are not met..


We keep you connected!
We cut any length (from 1 m) according to your wishes no extra charge!



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