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Our company Friedrich Kusch - a name for customer-oriented service for business customers since 1961, a competent partner for 50-ohm cables and a specialist for radio transmission cables up to 12 GHz. Due to the high demand of consulting and assembling in the private customer sector, Kabel Kusch was founded in 2002 for this very purpose: to provide the end user with appropriate solutions in amateur and BOS radio. Whether for yacht building, mobile radio antennas on jeeps or in in public buildings, we always strive to get you the best reception! Our team consists of experienced amateur radio operators, who together have the goal to to improve radio communication and to expand amateur radio.That's why you will find on our website not only everything from cables, connectors to accessories, but also instructions on how to assemble them yourself. Every type of cable and every type of connector has been tested by us and we are in close contact with manufacturers to constantly improve the products and make them more attractive for customers. Customer proximity and competent, friendly service are at the top of our agenda. For more than half a century now, we have been doing our part for the international radio development we try to recycle as much packaging material as possible and are constantly striving to find a balance between rising production costs and low selling prices. In the end whether you are a private or business customer, we are always happy to help you out finishing your new projects. We are looking forward to your call!
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