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PTFE - Polytertrafluorethylen



PTFE is well known as a material which is resistant against high temperaturea. Peope know PTFE which is used in pans and potts to avoid that foods stick to the pott. PTFE  

PTFE was discovered in 1938 by chance. A French chemical found it during some tests. After the discovery there were many tests concerning the new material.

   Many aggressive acids cannot attack PTFE.   PTFE is very resistant against alcohole,  benzine or patrol
   and oils. 
   PTFE has reduced friction against nearly all materials.
   PTFE has extraordinarily electrical characteristics.
   PTFE can be reheated for a short nonent (during soldering) until  300C, without getting liquid.

Nominal temperature range: from -190C to +260C

PTFE is also used for coax cables such as
, RG 142RG 178RG 179RG 188RG 302  RG 316RG 400, RG 393 ...

PTFE is often used for electrical  installation. It is one oft the best insulation materials  for HF-connectors. The characteristcal electrical resistor is 1018 Ωcm. 

Our HF-connectors which are to be soldered carry a PTFE insulation. Persons who want to solder without problems do not want insulation materials which change from solid to fluid while they get warm. He who wants to solder without problems should use HF-connectors with PTFE-inlays.

PTFE has got excellent electrical characters. Even for adaptors you should take care of using insualtion materials with behaviour. Our adaptors carrying names such as STG, TG oder TA are produced with PTFE.