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Hyperflex 13 

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Coaxcable HYPERFLEX 13 - a new extraordinary coaxcable made by M&P in Ancona, Italy

HYPERFLEX 13 - a 50 Ohm coax extraordinarily electrical characteristics
- a very flexible product to be used for mobile and portable applications
HYPERFLEX 13 - a cable with an screening efficiency of more than 105 dB
HYPERFLEX 13   can be used for turnable aerials - horizontally and vertically.
HYPERFLEX 13  is UV-resistent
HYPERFLEX 13 can be used for turnable areals,
HYPERFLEX 13  is available in lengths until nax. 800 m

For HYPERFLEX 13 there are very good N-norm connectors and UHF-connectors, both types solderless. 

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our special service: we cut lengths on request (more than 1 m)
without any charge


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