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HF-Kabel HyperFlex 10 Kabel,

 Original Datenblatt des Herstellers


Laboratory tests and measurements
Roberto Moroni
DATE : 23/03/17

Test Instruments :
• VNA Copper Mountain Planar 804/1


Multiple bending test on cable Hyperflex 10
Test performed at the temperature of 20°C.


This test must be regarded as a test led to the limits of a reasonable use of the product.
When installing the cable for use with motorized antennas, it is strongly recommended to consider
much wider bends in order to obtain a long lasting operative life, efficiency and performance.


A) Test performed on a 100 mm bending radius, (9 Metres Cable Length).
Graph Before the bendings



A) Graph showing behaviour of the cable after 100 bendings on a 100mm bending radius

A) The impedance and Structural Return Loss (SRL) don’t show any significant variation, The
attenuation doesn’t change as well.




B) Test on a 80 mm bending radius : cable length 7,5 m graph before the test

B) The attenuation at 2.4 GHz increases by 0.1 dB, although no variation on Impedance stability and SRL is
noticeable. The attenuation increases by 0,2 dB beyond the 80 bendings and is stable until 100 bendings


C) This test was performed on a 9 m. cable, with minimum bending radius of 40mm. Before the test.

At 2.4 GHz we have a higher loss of 0.2 dB while SRL and Impedance stability have no variation.
Same situation until 60 bendings.




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