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  HF-Kabel & HF-Verbinderseit 2002
Inh. K. Kusch

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Hyperflex 5
Hyperflex 5 Crystal

Originaldatenblatt des Herstellers    





Messi & Paoloni srl

Performance Certificate (DoP) N° MP0097

1) Unique Product Identification Code M&P HYPERFLEX 5
2) Lot number: Printed on the cable and on the packaging (coil/drum)
3) Use or uses of the product
Coaxial cable for low and high radiofrequency and signal communication. To be used in projects where fire resistance is required
4) Name, registered trade name and address of the manufacturer.
Messi & Paoloni SRL, Via G. Conti, 1 60131 Ancona
Tel. 071.2861527 – Fax 071.2861736 E-mail
6) System Evaluation and Verification Process:
7) Harmonized Standard: EN 50575:2014
8) Classification Ratio: N. N. E00665 Issued on 26/10/2017 by: 2479 - L.S. Fire Testing Institute Srl In accordance with the procedures described in EN13501-6: 2014
9) Declared performance Technical specification
Fire reaction Eca EN50575: 2014
RoHS 2 Conforms to Directive 2011/65 / UE RoHS II
Dangerous Substances: None
10) The performance of the product referred to the points 1 and 2 shall be in accordance with the declared performance referred to in paragraph 9. We submit this declaration under our responsibility as manufacturer, ref. to point 4.
Roberto Moroni
- 75_DoP rev1
Messi & Paoloni srl